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Notice! Not all contents suits your version and type of your build, please ensure the module is included in your build, before rising an issue.



How to get the library and choosing the right installation for your project.

Size breakpoints

Adding horizontal and vertical breakpoints, similar use case to media queries, but with js API.

Adblock detection

Detection of Adblock or kind of ads blocking programs/apps

User agent detection

User agent detection for precise fixes.

Device orientation

Detection of device orientation (not orientation of viewport aka width/height ration)

Display resolution

Detection of high resolution display

Viewport orientation

Detection of viewport orientation (not device physical orientation)

Touch capability

Detection whether device is touch capable

Document loading

Detection of document loading state.

Window focus detection

Detection of window focus

Inactivity detection

Detection of window focus

Mobile device detection

Detection of mobile vs desktop devices

Scroll usage

Detection of scroll usage

Time breakpoints and time related classes

Time related classes and custom time breakpoints from document loaded event.

Touch usage detection

Detection of touch usage, because some devices are capable of touches even they are equipped with mouse, so user can change usage of both inputs unexpectedly in time.

Url related classes

Url related classes representing url path.

Javascript API

Quick access list of javascript API methods