The new standard for responsive


JS.Responsive is perfect styling tool for moving responsiveness further then ever before. Because responsiveness is more than just window width!

How it works?

You don't need to be a Javascript programmer to use JS.Responsive ;)
You can use just CSS, SASS or LESS.

<html class="windows chrome landscape desktop small-more medium-more large state-complete normal-display">

JS.Responsive generates special classes to <html> element.
For example about your OS, browser, browser version, display or device orientation, document state, display density, actual width break points, if device is touchable, and many more...

html.landscape .menu { float: left; }

You can write your styles with conditions to these classes and/or you can use Javascript API also.


Check this simple example:

See the Pen basic hi-res DEMO by wezeo (@WEZEO) on CodePen.

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